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Owners Rick and Valerie Whitford started their journey together in Athens, GA after Rick’s graduation from a little school there. With little “serious” career opportunities there, they quickly moved to Atlanta and both began working there. Within 3 months, Rick was promoted to a city manager role to open a new office in Nashville, TN. After 5 great years in Nashville, they moved to Colorado to work with a major financial planning firm. Valerie spent her time, when not giving birth to 3 great kids, working in healthcare at Penrose Hospital, one of it’s sister hospitals in Colorado Springs.
The big move came when an opportunity to live in California was offered…along with Tulsa, OK. After thinking it over for approximately 3 seconds, the Whitford clan was Cali bound! After 2 wonderful years and the onset of the Great Recession (Depression), Rick and Val brought the family back to Colorado but this time to live in one of its best little ski towns….Winter Park.
Having started another business and finding good success in a new venture, Oxygen, The Whitford’s looked for ways to serve the populations that needed both Oxygen and a high level of service related to vacation travel. The Grand Concierge, LLC was acquired from a local who had a formula to take care of the very people that Rick and Val sought to serve.
So welcome to The Grand Concierge, LLC…..and don’t forget to stop by at OxygentoYou.net!!

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